Friday, March 12, 2010

Total Rebalance Expert Offers Great Outsourcing Solution for Financial Advisors

Total Rebalance Expert (TRX)® is a rebalancing software solution for RIAs who use Schwab PortfolioCenter® and who adhere to Modern Portfolio Theory (asset allocation).

The program is designed to bring portfolio management to a new level with features such as Analysis Expert and Tax Loss Harvesting, both at the touch of a button. The speed at which meaningful decisions can be made enables Advisors to significantly grow their practices because they can serve more investors, delivering very high-quality services.

Developed 2007-08, TRX is the brainchild of Sheryl Rowling, Cheryll Lurtz, and Debra Dold. In their professional practice, Sheryl and Debra saw the need for an automated rebalancing tool that could be easily integrated with an Advisor’s existing practice. They set out to create a simple yet powerful investment allocation analysis software that could be up and running with minimal set-up, and easily operated by anyone in the Advisor’s office.

Cheryll, a seasoned programmer with a financial background, teamed with Sheryl and Debra—both CPAs and Personal Financial Specialists—who contributed their extensive financial planning and investment advisory knowledge to the functional performance of TRX. They each have three decades of experience in their respective specialties. Together, they brought their vision to fruition.


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