Friday, March 12, 2010

Arcons Technology Shines at T3 Technology Tools for Today 2010 Conference

Arcons Technology, Inc. provides tools and a technology platform to manage traditional and alternative investments. Their products and services are specifically designed to meet their clients’ needs in the domains of asset accounting, complex reporting, performance management, rebalancing, custodial downloads and optimization.

They provide expert resources to implement and operate mission critical investment management systems.

Their technology products provide Schwab PortfolioCenter® and Advent Axys® portfolio accounting system users an easy way to manage pricing data, manage alternative investment products and complex client account ownership structures. They also tailor unique solutions for advisors clients to integrate their Portfolio Center or Axys® data into other systems and build analytical frameworks.

Their data migration and data aggregation solutions help Advent Axys/APX, Schwab PortfolioCenter® and Scottrade Portfolio Director users. They provide an easy way to get current custodial data and to move historical transactions from one system to another.

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  1. I love this service! Am totally impressed with service, quality and cost. Great stuff.

    Marie Swift
    President and CEO
    Impact Communications, Inc.