Friday, March 12, 2010

CEO Image and Fujitsu Build Buzz at T3 Tech Conference 2010

CEO Image Systems is a pioneering developer of scanning and electronic document management systems. Since 1993 the company has delivered software that provides organizations with powerful tools to re-engineer their record keeping processes, reduce time spent shuffling paper, and automate the storage and delivery of documents, and data.

The company incorporates a unique and comprehensive planning methodology for each project, with training and support that assure successful implementation. Have them organize your office today!

Thanks Conrad Foster and CEO Image for being a long-time friend to the T3 Community!

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Mimeo Digital Printing Gets Rave Reviews from Our Marketing and PR Firm

Wow, wow, wow! Our PR and marketing firm is raving about this service. Print and ship with a click. America's #1 digital printer online. On average, Mimeo will cost up to 50% less than most local options including Office Superstores and digital print centers with the price of shipping included.

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Thanks for exhibiting at the T3 Technology Tools for Today conference in San Diego 2010.

Arcons Technology Shines at T3 Technology Tools for Today 2010 Conference

Arcons Technology, Inc. provides tools and a technology platform to manage traditional and alternative investments. Their products and services are specifically designed to meet their clients’ needs in the domains of asset accounting, complex reporting, performance management, rebalancing, custodial downloads and optimization.

They provide expert resources to implement and operate mission critical investment management systems.

Their technology products provide Schwab PortfolioCenter® and Advent Axys® portfolio accounting system users an easy way to manage pricing data, manage alternative investment products and complex client account ownership structures. They also tailor unique solutions for advisors clients to integrate their Portfolio Center or Axys® data into other systems and build analytical frameworks.

Their data migration and data aggregation solutions help Advent Axys/APX, Schwab PortfolioCenter® and Scottrade Portfolio Director users. They provide an easy way to get current custodial data and to move historical transactions from one system to another.

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B-Ready: the virtual, back-office outsourcing services to the professional investment advisor community

B-Ready Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. (B-Ready) provides virtual, back-office outsourcing services to the professional investment advisor community. They use PortfolioCenter®, Schwab Performance Technologies'® portfolio management and accounting system - a scalable and flexible platform to efficiently work with multiple custodians - to manage their clients' data.

B-Ready Outsourcing (B-Ready) provides a turn-key solution for the data management and performance reporting related to the advisor's investment clients. The typical advisor process involves the daily posting and reconciliation of investment data, a monthly capture of outside asset accounts not covered by electronic downloads, and a quarterly and year-end reporting process for account statements and advisor billing. B-Ready Outsourcing designs the process to fit the advisor's needs.

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Finance Logix Makes Financial Planning Easy!

Finance Logix provides wealth management software solutions to financial services firms, including Broker-Dealers, Banks & Trusts, Insurance, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), technology and services providers, and Asset Managers. Their client-facing software products are designed to be highly intuitive and promote interactive client participation in the planning, executing, and tracking cycles of wealth management.

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Total Rebalance Expert Offers Great Outsourcing Solution for Financial Advisors

Total Rebalance Expert (TRX)® is a rebalancing software solution for RIAs who use Schwab PortfolioCenter® and who adhere to Modern Portfolio Theory (asset allocation).

The program is designed to bring portfolio management to a new level with features such as Analysis Expert and Tax Loss Harvesting, both at the touch of a button. The speed at which meaningful decisions can be made enables Advisors to significantly grow their practices because they can serve more investors, delivering very high-quality services.

Developed 2007-08, TRX is the brainchild of Sheryl Rowling, Cheryll Lurtz, and Debra Dold. In their professional practice, Sheryl and Debra saw the need for an automated rebalancing tool that could be easily integrated with an Advisor’s existing practice. They set out to create a simple yet powerful investment allocation analysis software that could be up and running with minimal set-up, and easily operated by anyone in the Advisor’s office.

Cheryll, a seasoned programmer with a financial background, teamed with Sheryl and Debra—both CPAs and Personal Financial Specialists—who contributed their extensive financial planning and investment advisory knowledge to the functional performance of TRX. They each have three decades of experience in their respective specialties. Together, they brought their vision to fruition.