Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Special Message from IPS AdvisorPro to T3 Attendees 2010

Hi everyone,

We hope you had a great conference experience at T3. We enjoyed it very much.

As we continue to be recognized for our "trademark" hats and homemade cookies while exhibiting at conferences, we thought you might be interested in the hats we wore for T3.

Joel Bruckenstein (pictured here with Linda Lubitz Boone, co-founder of IPS AdvisorPro and two IPS AdvisorPro staff members) appreciated their uniqueness (relative to "tools" for technology) and wanted a picture for the T3 newsletter and blog. Here it is.

See you all in Florida for T3 2011!

Kind regards,

Linda Groden

Manager of Client and Marketing Relationships

IPS AdvisorPro®

CPA Wealth Provider 's Financial Planning Awards Winner, 2009

Named an Industry Innovator by Andrew Gluck, 2007

Named "Best Software of the Year" by Morningstar's Joel Bruckenstein, 2006

Over 1,300 Advisors have created more than 20,000 customized IPSs using IPS AdvisorPro®

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